We Value you!    ..was that corny? Sorry… but it is true 🙂

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Our God given vision is to be a 1st Century Church that connects with a 21st Century world.  When we look at the Church in the book of Acts these 6 values jump off the page and into our hearts.

1. Jesus Centered   2. Spiritual Transformation   3. Community   4. Missional   5. Connective with Culture   6. Willingness


1. Jesus Centered

The believers in Acts preached about one thing… No matter who they were talking to, where they were, or the situation at hand – THEY PREACHED JESUS.

Jesus is alive and well!  He is just as powerful and active as ever (Hebrews 13:8). Our focus is Jesus Christ.

Every other value flows from this… To know Jesus Christ  &  To make Jesus Christ Known.


2. Spiritual Transformation

We value the Spiritual transforming power of God. When Jesus is preached lives are changed, the sick are healed, the bound are set free, and the dead are raised.

We aren’t content to have a nice church with nice church services. We want to see Jesus change lives.

This is why we do the 3 things at every gathering. We challenge everyone to join us in worship, to receive the Word of God, and to step from their chair and talk with God in the altar. We do this every time we gather together.


3. Community

The 1st Century Church was a community of believers.  It spread from an upper room into the streets.  It spread from streets to houses. It spread from houses to cities and nations.

Loving Jesus will cause you to love others.

We value the community that comes from small group meetings that meet in homes. Our Connect Groups meet all around North  Dallas & Irving. Through these groups we…

a. Grow in relationship with God

b. Grow in relationship with each other

c. Grow in number and multiply the group.


4. Missional

We don’t go to church. We ARE the church.

We value the great mission Jesus gave to us; To make disciples, to baptize in His name, to teach them, and to preach repentance and forgiveness of sins. (Matthew 28:19 & Luke 24:47)


5. Connective with Culture

The 1st Century Church with the ancient truth of God has a lot to offer the 21st Century World.  The Gospel of Jesus still works in the context of this fast paced technological life.

We see the Apostle Paul preaching on Mars Hill in Acts 17. He presented Jesus Christ from within the culture. We believe we are called to do the same in the 21st century.


6. Willingness

The 1st Century Christians were willing to do whatever God asked of them. They would fast and pray, they would give offerings, they would carry the gospel by leaving their nations and going where God called.

It is so easy to say no. There are times when it would even make logical sense to say no.  But we have decided that we will always be willing to say yes.