Kings & Kingdoms 3 – Your Role in the Kingdom

The Kings and Kingdoms series concludes as Pastor Marshal describes how our lives fit into the Kingdom of God. As children of the King, in God's Kingdom we are royalty, and we have important responsibilities to fulfill. We are called to fight the works of the enemy and welcome others into God's Kingdom. Our lives should display and announce the Kingdom of God to the world around us. Who's kingdom are you living for?

Kings & Kingdoms 3 – Your role in the Kingdom from Redemption Church on Vimeo.

A Messed Up Story from Judges – King Eglon & Ehud

We are in the middle of our Kings & Kingdoms Sermon Series where we are taking a close look at the book of Judges. The book of Judges offers some crazy, bizarre, gross, uncomfortable, and offputting stories… they show us what life looks like when we have no King and do what we think…