Fear is conditional

Fear 2 – Fear is Conditional


Fear is conditional! That is good news.  Fear only works in the right conditions. Fear needs a dark and stormy night. Fear needs secluded woods. Fear needs a deserted house with lots of spider webs. Fear needs the right conditions. If you can change the conditions you can change the effect of fear. The condition…

don't forget to remember sermon

Don’t Forget to Remember


Our society has days of remembrance commemorating important events, extraordinary sacrifices, admirable achievement.. but we often still forget.. Humans are Forgetful God commands us to remember. It is essential that we don’t forget. If we forget we lose a lot more than just a memory. We lose the lessons learned from history We lose our own…

marshmallow test faith

The Marshmallow Test


You can have one marshmallow now, or if you wait you can have two later… This is the “Marshmallow Test” and it has been used for years to evaluate children’s patience and forethought, as well as to make cute videos. In this message we ask the question: is our faith life like the marshmallow test?…