1st Century Church Connecting With A 21st Century World (2017)

Everyone needs purpose. Finding your purpose changes you. Fulfilling your purpose changes the world. What is the purpose of the Church? Have we found it? Are we fulfilling it? Over the next weeks we will be looking at the mission & vision of Redemption Church. We know that we are called to be a 1st…

“Search Engine” Coming May 15th at Redemption Church Of Plano!!!

Where do you turn when you need answers fast? A search engine right? ¬†Google, bing, or yahoo.. It is a very handy tool. But Shouldn’t the local Church be a place for questions? Not only is the internet good for searching out answers, it’s also great for finding out what questions are being asked. Just…

Lego Church Foundation

Lego Church 2 – Built on


You are built to build. The foundation you build upon will define the longevity, the strength, and size of what you build. What are you built upon? Whatever you build on needs to be unchanging. So many of the things we build on a re completely changing… Ourselves, or family, our career, success.. all changeable….