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We are answering your Bible Questions in Church! We are doing it LIVE!

Instead of sermons, pastors Chris Fluitt and Marshal Blessing are taking time to answer your anonymous questions.  Send your questions in at 214 856 0550.

  1.  :49 Can a person lose their soul and still be alive?
  2.  8:18 I really dislike the Chewbacca mask video. Is there something wrong with me?
  3. 10:06 What is the Christian response to the Syrian refugee crisis?
  4. 20:47 What is the meaning of “sin leading to death” vs sin not leading to death” in 1 John 5:16-17?
  5. 33:03 If God knows what we need, why do we need to pray?
  6. 37:45 The Bible says that it is better to lose a limb than to have it help you to sin. Why are there not more Christians with less limbs? Furthermore, if I am addicted to pornography, would it be better to cut my hand off than to continue to sin? I understand a moderate viewpoint of receiving help/healing to break addiction, but what if we died in a car accident on the way home? Wouldn’t a lost limb be better than eternal damnation?
  7. 43:54 The Bible models how we should deal with persecution, but groups like ISIS are seeking eradication. What is a realistic viewpoint for dealing with extermination? Do we fight back? How do we turn the other cheek until death?
  8. 50:17 If I preach and champion God’s forgiveness, than if someone rapes and murders my child, is it my responsibility to drop charges and let God’s justice be enough?
  9. 56:52 Was Jesus a sub-par carpenter?
  10. 57:48 What are wise things said in the Bible?
  11. 1:00:39 Does the Bible explain things in certain expressions?
  12. 1:02:56 According to the prophecy Jesus needed to spend 3 nights in the tomb. Does this mean he died on a Friday?
  13. 1:11:11 Why is doing drugs a sin?
  14. 1:15:15 As a response to question 7, I would fight back. Would you? (I’m talking to you Chris and Marshall)
  15. 1:19:24 As far as defending against terrorists, what about God saying if you stand idly by while others are killed, their blood is on your hand. What about those in the military… the sword carried by governments, appointed by God to deliver justice.
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