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Search Engine 3

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Life is full of questions. Where do you go to find the answers?

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Most people go to search engines like google, yahoo, bing. The internet is a powerful tool, but perhaps the major reason it is the “go to” for questions is it’s anonymity. But be warned the internet has a fair amount of wrong information and is filled with so many differing opinions you might be more confused after clicking that link.

The local Church ought to be a place where you can bring your questions. But it’s difficult to bring an anonymous question to church. Most grew up in church feeling like they couldn’t ask questions.. because they might be judged, someone might think they are stupid, or that they were questioning God’s word and that it was probably a sin.
We’ve decided church should be the place you go to ask anonymous questions. I want to invite you to use our anonymous text line to ask us your questions about faith and life. That number is 214 856 0550.

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Here are the questions we received on the 3rd week of SEARCH ENGINE.

  1. How can Jesus be God and the son of God?
  2. Is there such thing as sin in heaven?
  3. Is rap music evil?
  4. Why can’t a person repent and receive Jesus as their savior after they die?
  5. Is it sinful to say swear words?
  6. What does God say about same sex marriage?
  7. How do we know that Jesus wasn’t a skilled magician/illusionist that people worshipped as a deity?
  8. Are there Bible “deleted scenes?”
  9. Why was God so much more wrathful in the Old Testament when God is love?
  10. Where do we see God’s love reflected in Numbers 16?
  11. Where do we see God’s love reflected in Exodus 32:25-29?
  12. Does God let bad things happen 2 test our faith?
  13. Could the world be billions of years old even though the Bible say it was 7 days? Could there be a way for both answers to be right?
  14. Are those who have never heard of Jesus, such as those who live in non-Christian nations, condemned to hell
  15. Does God hate homosexuality?
Author: Pastor Chris Fluitt

Chris Fluitt serves as Lead Pastor at Redemption Church. He is husband to Sarah, and Daddy to Will, Hudson & Joshua.

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