Search Engine 3 Bible Questions

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We are answering your Bible Questions LIVE!

Instead of sermons, pastors Chris Fluitt and Marshal Blessing are taking time to answer your anonymous questions.  Send your questions in at 214 856 0550.

  1.  :58 Where do dinosaurs fit in all of creation and the flood? And what is the Gap Theory?
  2. 6:43 Why does Jesus say to call no man father or teacher/rabbi? (Matt23:8-9) How literally should this be taken?
  3. 10:43 Baptism: Is it necessary to be a true Christian?
  4. 15:51 What exactly is worship? If prayer is worship, and prayer is talking to God, why isn’t talking to a person worshipping that person? If singing to God is worship, why isn’t singing a lullaby worshipping your baby? If worship is anything you do for God, isn’t worshipping other gods then impossible by definition?
  5. 23:03 Is it a sin to never fast ever?
  6. 28:05 Is it wrong/sinful to offend people?
  7. 32:07 What does “sanctify yourself” mean?
  8. 36:49 Do animals go to heaven?
  9. 40:00 I find Judaism interesting and I’ve found that learning about it has enriched my faith, but a lot of the New Testament (Galatians 5:2, Titus 1:10-16 and 3:9) seems to discourage this. When does studying or doing jewish stuff become bad?
  10. 50:34 If a mentally handicapped person cannot communicate or reason enough to understand salvation, are they considered “innocent” or “hell-bound”?
  11. 56:51 Do you think that those books like “90 minutes in heaven” and “heaven is for real” are true?
  12. 59:59 In Exodus 32, Aaron was given gold which was made into a calf which was presented to Israel as their god that brought them out of Egypt. This is clear disobedience of multiple 10 commandments. Why was Aaron not punished for this when many others were?

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