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  1. 1:36 Is “crap” a swear word?
  2. 5:47 What is the meaning of life?
  3. 10:10 If Paul was caught up to the 3rd heaven, what is the 1st and 2nd heaven?
  4. 13:02 Why are people different colors? We all came from Adam & Eve…
  5. 15:13 Why did God kill the children and animals when He wiped out evil cities? Or when one person in the family sinned, all the family was killed.
  6. 30:53 The bible is not kind to the effeminate. Does this hold true to today? What about metalheads with long hair and eyeliner?
  7. 39:36 Can dead people see us/hear us? Is it wrong to pray to dead people?
  8. 45:45 How common is demonic possession in modern times?
  9. 52:52 Is it wrong/sinful to believe in ghosts on earth/hauntings/haunted houses?
  10. 55:55 Consolidating everything we know, what EXACTLY happens when we die (in the Christian afterlife)?
  11.  (Paraphrased) Question about tithing. I’m confused. I believe, but I question His blessing. I feel guilty if I don’t or that times I don’t pay enough. Why is tithing such a struggle? And why doesn’t my life be blessed becuase I do?

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Author: Pastor Chris Fluitt

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