Reboot 3 – Total Transformation

A total transformation requires change in every area!

Reboot 3 – Total Transformation

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You desire a total transformation in atleast one area of life.

We dream of the redecorated house, the completed college degree, or the fit and trim body. We want a total transformation, but it takes more than saying we want it.

A total transformation requires change in every area of your life.  A total transformation is not a small change here or there. Transformation is RADICAL!

To be transformed:

  • We must reject our current conformity.
  • We must get rid of our excuses.

Are you ready to walk into the transformation you have dreamed about?

Are you prepared for the transformation that comes through Jesus?

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Reboot 3 – Complete Transformation

Sermon notes by Pastor Chris Fluitt

Redemption Church Plano Tx

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Welcome back to the 3rd week of the Reboot series at Redemption Church. My name is Chris Fluitt and I welcome you. Redemption is a nondenominational Church in Plano Texas. Hello to all you listening or watching on the internet. We would love to meet you in person someday.

R1 1Reboot

In week 1 we talked about the System Errors that happen in our life.  We talked about the trajectory of our life and how it shows us our future. If we don’t bring a corrective change into our life then we will continue down the path of our trajectory.

Last week we talked about Plans, Progress, Process, and Perseverance. You need a plan that brings progress. We warned you to not despise the process and we committed to be a church that does not judge people in process. We are all in process and if we persevere we will see success.

Speaking of not judging… Do you remember the story about the guy who is always at the gym but his body does not look like he is always at the gym?  Well this week… no lie…. I saw him walk into the gym carrying to cakes… I wanted to take a picture but I couldn’t find a way to take one without being obvious.

We need to see meaningful change in our lives. Amen?

Today I want to talk to you about a R3 1Total transformation.

Chances are good that there is an area of your life that you desire a total transformation.


Take out your phone and text into our anonymous text line the area you want a complete transformation. 214 856 0550 is our anonymous text line number. It is completely anonymous.

There is surely an area of our life we would like a total transformation.

Maybe your mind went to your health. You would like to fit into that slimmer outfit.. You would like to be stronger and feel better..

Maybe your mind went to your job or to a success goal.

I am sure some of us thought about or finances. We would like to pay off our debt and have enough money to live the life we would like.

Relationship transformations might have crossed your mind. Maybe there is a relationship that needs emergency rescue.

Perhaps your spiritual life is what you thought of.  Hopefully there is the drive in you to serve God at a higher level.

Again that text line is 214 856 0550. We love to hear from you.


I will share with you my journey. Last December.. 11 months ago.. I stood on a weight scale and saw I was heavier than I had ever been. It was not a pretty moment but it was a moment I could not ignore.


We had just had family pictures made.. I couldn’t stand the family pictures because I looked so out of shape. I avoided mirrors and tried not to think about the subject.

I had never planned on being this overweight. I felt like my health was deteriorating as my joints and back hurt. I saw where I was, I recognized that the trajectory of my life was headed in a negative direction. I needed some corrective change.

Sarah also felt the need for change and has done so good.  She has lost 76 pounds and looks fabulous. Give her a hand!

I needed some corrective change.  So I said the words… I need to change.

It felt good and right to say these words, but it was not enough to say it.  I did not form a plan. I didn’t set a goal. I did not picture a finished product. I did not educate myself on diet or exercise.  I foolishly acted like saying the magic words “I need to change” equaled actually changing. It did not.

I lost a pound here and there, but there was no real change going on.


Can you relate to that in your life?  Are you on the hamster wheel of saying you want to change but never actually changing?

Or maybe you have changed incrementally. You have kind of changed a little here and there. This is a tricky sabotage, because you are making positive change.. but are you making enough of a change?

I started running a little here and there. This brought some positive change.  But it was not the total transformation I needed.  I lost some weight but it did not tone my body to take away my pudginess.

If you want a radical change then you have to change radically.

If you confess that you really want this change then you should give great effort to change.

Change is radical. So maybe I should stop being mediocre. I needed to change, but I didn’t need to just change little… I needed to change a lot… I needed to change in every area.


R3 4A total transformation requires change in every area

If you only change a little, then that is not a transformation!  Changing a little is not the radical change we dream about and long to have.

I needed to up my physical activity… but not just that. I needed more than that small change.

I needed to stop eating recklessly and live by a diet… but not just that.

I needed to lift weights to grow my muscles so that I could burn more fat… but not just that.

I needed to change the way I thought, because my thoughts were as unhealthy as I was… but not just that.

I needed to form accountability… I needed to overcome excuses… I needed to make time and form a routine…


In other words.. the total transformation I longed for required more than a few small tweaks. I needed a complete total transformation in every area of my life.

Your total transformation will require a change in every area of your life.

Let’s look at some examples.

Totally transforming your finances will require changes in every area of your life.

    • You will need to change your habits.
    • You will need to change your budget… actually form a budget!!
    • You will need to change your discipline and patience.
    • You will need to change how you think about money.
    • You will need to prioritize your life and think about retirement long before you will actually retire.

Financial transformation requires more change than getting a raise or winning the lottery. You do know there are many stories of people that won large sums of money in the lottery only to blow it all in less than a decade.  Winning millions was not enough to truly transform their life.


Totally transforming your marriage or close relationships will require changes in every area.

    • You will need to work on your flaws.
    • You will need to be patient with yourself and others as they work on their flaws.
    • You will need to practice selflessness.
    • You will need to work on your communication.
    • You will need to put your phone down during dinner.
    • You will need to make time for each other.
    • You will need to be confronted by the brokenness that is within you. There are broken things within us that will destroy our relationships.


Totally transforming your spiritual life will require changes in every area.

    • You will need to be a part of a Christian community. (You will need to do more than attend)
    • You will need to open your Bible.
    • You will be confronted by how you don’t measure up to the Bible’s teaching… You will need to change.
    • You will need to grow in worship and in prayer.
    • You will need to share your faith.
    • You will need to learn how to honor God through giving generously.
    • You will need to openly confess your belief in Jesus. You need to be baptized.
    • You will need to surrender your life to the will of God… You will need to fulfill the calling He has for you.
    • You will need to learn to trust God when it does not make sense. You will need to forgive others when you really don’t want to forgive!

Do you really want a COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION?  Then we need to get radical!

R3 4A total transformation requires change in every area

The transformation you seek is not found in a simple pill you take every day.  Complete transformation is not bought on a late light infomercial for just 3 easy payments of 29.99. Complete transformation is not found with changing a small compartment of your life.

Do you really want a radical change in your life?

R3 5Transformation is big choice

We are quick to dream about the end result, finished product. We want that! If only we could have that right now. Although we are all committed to the dream of this transformation, we are not as wild about the WORK it takes to achieve this change, or the work to maintain it.

Romans 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (NIV)

R3 5Transformation is big choice

Fat Chris Fluitt was conformed to his couch and his large cheese pizza.  To be transformed to a new life and I can no longer be conformed to the old life.

What are you conformed to?  Are you conformed to debt?  Are you conformed to anger and un-forgiveness?  Are you conformed the status quo?  Are you conformed to what someone said about you?

There are some relationships and habits you are conformed to, that may keep you from a transformed life.

To be TRANSFORMED we must break free from our current conformity.

Like the verse says, to be transformed in Christ we cannot be conformed to the world.


2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.(KJV)

In order to receive the new, you have to let some old things pass away.


R3 6Get rid of excuses

If there is something that we all need to let pass away it is our excuses.

I had an excuse. I have kids so I don’t really have time to work out.  Before I had kids I had time, but now all I have time to do is grow layer after layer of fat.

I thought that was sound reasoning. I thought it was truth. But really that was just an excuse. It was a matter of prioritizing my life. It was a matter of stopping the justification of my laziness.  It was a matter of trying..

R3 7I would if I could

I would work out if I could… but I can’t.

I would go start a business if I could… But I don’t have the money.

I would do something for God… But I don’t have the talent.

I would give… But I spent my paycheck at Starbucks… Pumpkin Spice is back – Don’t judge!

I would grow in relationship with my wife… actually date my wife, romance her, like I used to… But I have to work.

I would if I could…


Have you ever said this?  It is such a great excuse. It is well crafted… “oh dang… I really wanted to do that, but I can’t… so… let’s change the subject.”

The destructive part is of this excuse is that it hinges on what YOU COULD DO.  It sets a limitation on what you are able to do, without ever offering to challenge your limitation.

R3 8I would do that, but I lack the capacity.

“I would give to that great mission effort in Nepal, but I lack the capacity.”

Let’s investigate this thought.

Is it a worthy cause you would like to help?  “YES.” I believe we would all say this.

Then why don’t you? “No money.”

So you have $0 dollars?  No… I mean I have money I just… don’t have enough money to give.

How much money is enough to give? Whatever you could give is a great help?

Also.. If you do have money, is there something more important you are spending it on?  Do you think the mission in Nepal might be worth skipping a movie?  Is it worth maybe skipping a Starbucks coffee?  Is it worth more than the pair of shoes you are saving for?


This is just an example. We aren’t going to take up an offering and beat you down if you don’t give.

However, when you come at it like this it is not hard to pick apart our excuses. NEWS FLASH!  Our excuses are usually easy to pick apart.

You have more capacity than you give ourselves credit for.


2 Corinthians 8:1 And now, brothers, we want you to know about the grace that God has given the Macedonian churches.(NIV)

2 Corinthians 8:2 Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.(NIV)

Say these words with me.  Severe trial.  Overflowing joy.  Extreme poverty.  Rich Generosity.

Is it just me or do those words not seem to work together?

2 Corinthians 8:3 For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability. Entirely on their own,(NIV)

2 Corinthians 8:4 they urgently pleaded with us for the privilege of sharing in this service to the saints.(NIV)

2 Corinthians 8:5 And they did not do as we expected, but they gave themselves first to the Lord and then to us in keeping with God’s will.(NIV)

If there were ever a people who could give the excuse I WOULD IF I COULD, it was the Church in Macedonia.

Look at verse 4 again. This is a subtle message I want you to understand.  THEY URGENTLY PLEADED FOR THE PRIVILIDGE OF SHARING.

In other words, the Church at large was needing money for a special missions need.  They looked at these folks and asked them. They looked to this church and asked them to give.  They looked at the Macedonian Church and thought, “let’s not ask them. They really don’t have it to give. We will ask someone else.”


Their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity.

2 Corinthians 8:3 For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability.

They did what they were able to do… AND EVEN BEYOND THEIR ABILITY.

Church is is not R3 7I would if I could

Church it is R3 9If you would you could


The Macedonian Church couldn’t give, but they did!  Suddenly they could!


You could forgive if you would forgive. If you won’t forgive then you can’t forgive.

You could have joy if you would rejoice.

You could be free if you would be free.

You could make it if you would persevere.

You could be brave if you would be brave.

You could have faith if you would step out in faith.

You could move forward if you would let go.

You could be used powerfully by God if you would do what He asked you to do.

You could be baptized and have all your sins washed away if only you would!

You could be filled with the God’s Spirit if only you would!

You could see your family come to Jesus if only you would!

You could if you would!


One last point and then it is time for you to talk to God.


The first time I walked back into a gym, there were so many things I could not do.

I could not run without being winded.

I could not do a chin up.

I could do a complete set of push-ups.

I could not lift a barbell unless it had no weight on it.


Everywhere I looked I saw my limitation.

So my initial reaction was… I won’t run. I won’t try to do a chin up. I won’t let someone embarrassingly see me struggle with my 3rd push up.  I DESIRED A COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION BUT I RELUCTANT TO TRANFORM EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE.

I came to the location where I was supposed to have a breakthrough transformation, but I came with a list of what I will not do.

I see people do this at Church.

I will come to Church, but I will not lift my hands and sing.

I will listen to the sermon, but I will choose what I will or will not do based on my comfort.

I will come to Church but I will not open up my heart because it might reveal weakness.

I will come to Church but I will not get baptized because that would be weird… I won’t come have someone pray for me in the altar…

I don’t care if the Bible tells me to do it…  I can’t do those things.


You don’t come to the gym to do what you can do.  You come to push yourself to do what you can’t do!

Do not come to church to do what you can do. Push yourself to do the impossible. Push yourself past the natural and into the supernatural.


Challenge & Condition your Capacity

I couldn’t do those pushups. But I challenged what I couldn’t with what I could… NOW I CAN!

I couldn’t lift that heavy weight. But I challenged what I couldn’t with what I could.  NOW I CAN!


I couldn’t worship God openly. But I challenged what I couldn’t with what I could. NOW I CAN!

I couldn’t trust God in the area of giving financially. But I challenged what I couldn’t with what I could. NOW I CAN!

I couldn’t pray with others. But I challenged what I couldn’t with what I could. NOW I CAN!

I couldn’t profess my faith in Jesus and get saved. But I challenged what I couldn’t with what I could. NOW I AM SAVED!


Your Capacity is no match for God’s Capability

There is no telling what God can do inside of you today!  Are you ready?

Redemption Church is a nondenominational Church in Plano Texas. Our mission is to declare the good news and see others become followers of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to be a 1st Century Church connecting to a 21st Century world. To bring the community, the power, passion & dedication of that 1st century church to the fast paced, technologically advanced, and complex world of the 21st century.

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