Q&A Revelation Revealed 2

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We are studying our way through the Book of Revelation. We've opened up the end of service to receiving questions and trying our best to answer them. Here are some of the questions... 1. What are the seals? 2. Who are the 4 horsemen? 3. Will only 144,000 be saved? 4. What is the Tribulation and when does it start? 5. When is the Rapture? 6. Is the Angel of the Abyss the same as Satan? 7. Is apollyon or abaddon mentioned anywhere else in the Bible? Who are what are they? 8. Why was John allowed to hear what the voice of the 7 thunders say but not write it down? 9. What does it mean to be Hot, Cold, or Lukewarm?

Part 1 Q&A

Part 2 Q&A


Author: Pastor Chris Fluitt

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