Financial Peace 2 – Debt

Financial Peace 2 – Debt

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debt danger signsFinancial peace is possible!

If we look to the Word of God and come under new management we will have that peace.

One of the things robbing most of peace is Debt. The Bible has a lot to say about debt,,, but so does the world..

The world has some Money Myths concerning debt…

  1. Debt is Necessary
  2. It’s just debt
  3. My debt is manageable
  4. It will take care of itself
  5. I’ll never dig out of this debt so what is another charge?

6 debt danger signs

  1. Live on credit and not cash
  2. Delaying payment or paying the minimum
  3. Unable to Tithe or Save
  4. Unable to pay taxes
  5. Extravagant Spending
  6. Looking for get rich quick schemes

Get out of Debt Baby Steps

  1. List how much you own and how much you owe
  2. Save an emergency fund of $1000
  3. Pay off your debt with a snowball
    1. Work from least to greatest to build momentum
    2. Calculate a day of completion
    3. Pray
    4. Celebrate & Testify when it is done
  1. Save & Invest
    1. Save a 3-6 month emergency fund
    2. Start investing and saving for retirement

You can be debt free! YES!  YOU CAN BE DEBT FREE!  It will take work. It will take a life change. We must take ownership of the situation.  When we become good stewards we become people that God will liberally bless.  You will live in Financial Peace.

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Financial Peace 2 – Debt

Sermon notes by Chris Fluitt

Redemption Church Plano Tx

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Happy Palm Sunday everyone. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter, when the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is celebrated. Jesus is triumphant and I pray He enters your heart today!  Into your mind, your actions, into everything that makes you, you. Jesus come be our King today.

You are here at Redemption Church in Plano Tx, or you are checking out our podcast somewhere on the internet. We welcome you and have fellowship with you in the name of the savior Jesus.

Last week we kicked off our sermon series Financial Peace. If you missed it I encourage you to check it out. Go to our website… and search for FINANCIAL PEACE.

We talked about stewardship. How God is the giver of everything we have and that he expects us to properly use and manage what He gives. When we come under the management of Jesus we experience peace.

We told you that money is personal, powerful, potential, and priority.  We talked to you about the power of the Tithe.  The tithe is the first 10% of your increase. It is not about the amount you give but the priority you place God and his command.  Malichi 3 says strong things about tithing. It uses the words blessing and cursing.  When you are living under God’s financial plan there is peace and blessing.  But when you are living under the world’s financial plan… you are operating under a cursed system filled with greed, fear, materialism, stress…

God’s financial plan is to be happy with less… The world’s financial plan is to not be happy until you have more…

And finally, last week we challenged you to live on less.

You were challenged to live on 70% your finances. This change will allow you to..

  • Give God what He asks for FIRST.
  • Bring margin between you and debt.
  • Pay off debt quickly and to save for the future.


Financial Peace

Today we are going to talk about… Well let’s see if you can figure out what I am talking about…

Obligation, liability, unsettled score, due, credit, deficit, loan, encumbrance, mortgaged, billed, committed, note, charged, claim, responsibility, payday advance, insufficient funds, default, delinquent, in hock, in the red, leased, pawned, poverty, baggage, beholden, below the line, borrowed, breach, cuffed, handcuffed, deduction, dead horse, expense, fault, in the hole, dire straits, invoice, due date, lien, claim, in need, outstanding, owing, payable, out of pocket, price tag, red ink, scratch, negative, penalty, bankrupt, title 11, under water, hard times, insolvency, tapped out, stretched, strapped, poor, poorer than a church mouse, robbing Peter to pay Paul (or ringo!), upside down, foreclosed, IOU…. I owe my soul to the company store

Today we are talking about something essential to the subject of Financial Peace… and that is DEBT


Somethings I probably don’t need to convince you of…

  • Debt is a big deal
  • Debt is stressful
  • It’s easy to fall into debt.. It is difficult to climb out of debt
  • It’s better to be out of debt than in debt


But there are somethings I might have some difficulty convincing you of today.  There are some myths we believe in the area of debt… Let’s attack them head on.

Myth 1 – Debt is necessary

We are living in the day and age where the United States population is 320 Million, but the National debt is 18 Trillion. Debt per citizen is 56,000. Debt per taxpayer is 154,000.

It doesn’t matter who we have in office… Democrat, Republican… they all operate like debt is necessary.

The average student debt for 2014 graduates was $33,000 (Wall street Journal). The national student debt is 1.3 trillion. (CNN Money)

Go to school to get a future… but mortgage your future to go to school? It’s just a necessary evil…  You have to get a student loan..

There are big arguments in our nation over the subject of student loans.  Many people think the government needs to step in and make it easier to pay for school…  But how can a Government, that has not been a good financial steward of our tax dollar, help the situation?

I suggest we stop operating under the myth that debt is necessary.  That student loans are necessary. That car loans are necessary. That credit cards are necessary. That credit scores are necessary.

Here is what is necessary… SAVING IS NECESSARY

Instead of entering into debt because we need money now…  Instead of entering into a school loan because we need money for tuition next week.. Instead of entering into a car loan because we need a car now…

We are caught off guard by the urgent because our lives have not been focused on what is important. The author of 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen Covey, shares an important idea of the urgent and the important. We often focus on the urgent at the expense of the important.

We pull out our credit cards to take care of the urgent at the expense of the important…  Paying off your debt is important. Saving for the future is important…

I had to go into debt because

  • my car broke down.
  • the kids needed school clothes.
  • an emergency…

We think this way.. that debt is necessary…  But newsflash..

  • You know one day your car is going to break down. You know that you will need to buy a newer car one day. So you either make debt a necessary evil… or start saving now for what you know is coming.
  • You know your kids are growing. You know that school is coming. Do not act like it is this urgent occurrence. Save for what is important.
  • You know that emergencies happen. You expect the unexpected. Save in advance of the emergency and debt is no longer necessary.

Myth 2 – It’s just debt.

It’s just a few hundred dollars. No big deal.

The Bible says that debt is a big deal…

Proverbs 22:7 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.(NIV)

God’s Word says that debt is slavery. And when you are in debt… when you get the letters in the mail… when the creditors are calling… when you see a bulk of your paycheck going to Visa & Matercard… You do feel like a slave.

It’s not just debt when it robs you of peace.

It’s not just debt when it effects your relationships. (Most divorces site money problems)

It’s not just debt when you realize it will take you years to pay off that credit card at 19%.

It’s not just debt.. it is slavery.

Myth 3 – My debt is manageable

There were 910,090 US bankruptcy filings in 2014. These were people who had to finally admit that their debt was not manageable.

1.1 million properties were foreclosed in 2014. When they signed to papers they thought the debt was manageable.  Add another 1.1 million for properties with default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions. All together that is 2.2 million cases of unmanageable property debt…

Be careful with the manageable debt myth.

Myth 4 – It will all take care of itself

No it won’t. God has called you to manage what He has given you. It is up to you to get out of debt. It is up to you to be a good steward. It’s not your banks job… not your credit card company’s job… it’s not your pastor’s job… it is your Job.

It is your job to get the information you need. It is your job to change your life.

Pretending like the debt is not there will not help you. Most people know they are in debt… but they don’t know how many debts they have, or how much total debt they have.  They have turned a blind eye to the problem…

We can understand why… It does not feel good to think about debt. It feels shameful to look at the numbers. We experience regret…. BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT. You will not accidentally get out of debt… in fact your credit card company never wants you to get out of debt.. they want you to pay the minimum forever so they can keep charging you percentage.

Everyone that has ever become debt free had a moment… where they owned the problem… where they realized it was up to them to change… and they did!

Myth 5 – I’ll Never Dig Out of Debt so What’s Another Charge?

WRONG! I don’t care what the number is. You can be debt free!  You will have to make some changes, but it can be done.

DO NOT keep digging a hole called debt.  Do not put it off any longer… make the change today.

It was Albert Einstein who said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Do you want a better life or not?


6 debt danger signs

  • Live on credit and not cash
  • Delaying payment or paying the minimum
  • Unable to Tithe or Save
  • Unable to pay taxes
  • Extravagant Spending
  • Looking for get rich quick schemes


I am going to give you steps for becoming debt free. Last week we told you that money was personal… and we meant along the lines that people hold that kind of information close and don’t share it with anyone…  But it is also personal in another way…

Everyone is different. Your personal finances are different. We have different jobs, different bills, in different stages of life… So the steps I am giving to you, feel free to change them to fit your personal life.


  1. List how much you own and how much you owe
  2. Save an emergency fund of $1000
  3. Pay off your debt with a snowball
  4. Work from least to greatest to build momentum
  5. Calculate a day of completion
  6. Pray
  7. Celebrate & Testify when it is done

**Rob & Lupita Testimony


  1. Save & Invest
  2. Save a 3-6 month emergency fund
  3. Start investing and saving for retirement


If you are squeezed by debt you need to know that is not God’s plan for you. He wants you to be blessed. He wants you to have peace.

I challenge you to make a change in your money management. Come under new management today.

If you need help… you are in the right place today. We want to help you.  You can text our anonymous line 214 856 0550 and ask us anything.  If you need someone to sit and talk with… we would love to do that. I promise you we have probably been in your position and have a lot to share.

You can do it. You can live debt free.



Whatever it is that you need today… Jesus is the answer for you. His Word is the answer. Trusting in Him is the answer.

If you have money problems weighing you down today… look to Jesus.

If you have health issues… By His stripes you are healed.. Look to Jesus.

If you need salvation… Look to Jesus.

If you are looking for happiness and have not yet found it… Look to Jesus.


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