Who is this 6 – Who do you say?

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Who is this 6 – Who do you say?

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It is the final week of our Who is this series. When Jesus shows up in scripture and He is not often recognized and often people ask “Who is this?”

In Matthew 16 Jesus comes out and asks “Who do you say I am.” This is an important question that Jesus still asks of us. When Peter answers this question Jesus tells him he is blessed. He is blessed not because he answered correctly (although he did), not because he had the correct theological understanding, and not because he eloquently explained his viewpoint. Jesus tells Peter he is blessed because WHO JESUS IS had been REVEALED to Peter by the Father in Heaven.

Do you have a revelation of Jesus? Who do you say Jesus is?

  • A Question from Jesus – “Who do people say I am?”
  • You can’t always trust what people say about Jesus.
  • A better question from Jesus – “Who do YOU say I am?”
  • Jesus works in real life situations
  • You need a Jesus story
  • “Who do you SAY” the Greek word for say is LEGO – To affirm, command, direct, point out with words..
  • We need a Revelation from the Father

 who do you say i am

Who is this 6 – Who do you say I am

Sermon Notes by Chris Fluitt

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“You know the name, but do you know the man?

You know his story, but have you really captured his heart…? His purpose?

Is He clearly seen by you?

You know.. but look again… stare for a while and ask… “Who is this?””


Welcome to the final week of the Who is this Series.  My name is Chris Fluitt I’m the Lead Pastor of Redemption Church.

We are happy to have fellowship with you today… whether it’s here in this building or somewhere on the internet.  God bless you in the name of Jesus.


Jesus is Famous

All of history points to Jesus. Once you meet Him it’s impossible to forget Him. Once you have heard His story you will never forget it.  When you see a miracle from the hands of Jesus it will stay with you forver.4

Yet Jesus is Famously Mistaken

Although he is the most known person in human history – He is often not recognized and misrepresented.

Week 1 – Mary Magdalene confused Jesus with a Gardener.  She had the Resurrection & Life in front of her but didn’t recognize Him.

Week 2 – The disciples saw Jesus work a miracle that terrified them. He spoke to the winds and waves and they stopped. They were left asking “Who is this that even the winds and waves obey Him.”

Week 3 – Saul the Pharisee thought He was serving God but He met Him one day in the dessert. God knocked Him to the Ground… Saul asks God “Who are You?” The voice came back I am Jesus. He had been looking past Jesus.

Week 4 – Jesus shows up unexpectedly. A king born in a manger and hung on a cross. One day he will return unexpectedly. We must be ready for His return.

Week 5 – Jesus heals a man on the Sabbath and an argument from the Pharisees ensues. Jesus is accused of being a rule breaker. He breaks our rules. He breaks the laws of this world. He breaks the laws of religion. But He always fulfills the Law of God.


This week I want to ask you “Who is this Jesus?” Who do you say Jesus is?

We will take our text from last month’s Memory verse.


Matthew 16:13-17 (NIV)

“Who do people say the Son of Man is?”

14 They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”


Have you ever wondered what people are saying about you? Have you ever had a suspicion that people were talking about you?

Well Jesus comes right out and asks “What are people saying? Who do they say I am?”  The answers are all over the map. Many thought Jesus was the reincarnation of John the Baptist or one of the prophets…

You can’t always trust what others say about Jesus.

Just like there where those that said Jesus was the prophet Jeremiah… there are those that say Jesus is an angel. There are those that say Jesus is a good man and a good teacher. There are those who go so far as to say He is a prophet.  There are those that try to use Jesus for political power… Jesus is a liberal… Jesus is a conservative… Jesus is for the 99%… Jesus is for the 1%… Jesus would be pro immigration reform… Jesus would be anti Gun laws…

People always seem to have an opinion on Jesus. You should listen… but be careful.  Jesus goes on to ask this question in Matthew 16…

15 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

Jesus had a more important question than “who do people say I am?”  He asks “Who do you say I am?”



So Redemption Church we want to ask you. Who do you say Jesus is.

Take out your phones and text our anonymous line at 214 856 0550

We want you to share who Jesus is to you.  We believe it’s important know who He is and to share it with others.


Listen to what someone has to say about Jesus.


Cheryl Fane TRUST

Scott deliverance

Lights Up



  {Scott reads a few Texts}


J Upchurch marriage

Lights Up

Jesus works in real life situations. He can work in your marriage. He can work in your home. He can work in your finances. He can work in your health. Try Jesus!

Here is someone who tried Jesus…


Sarah healing

Lights Up

You need a Jesus Story

What is your favorite Jesus story?  Text us – 214 856 0550

I have 3 Jesus stories from the Bible I always come back to.. These stories impact me strongly

1 Zacchaeus – How Jesus knew His name and saw Him in the middle of that huge crowd… it lets me know Jesus knows my name and that He sees me.

2 The demoniac – This man was so messed up. No one knew what to do with him. He had over a 1000 demons in him that controlled him and where destroying him.  But along comes Jesus…  the next thing you know the demoniac is found sitting at the feet of Jesus learning… the bible says he was clothed and in His right mind!

3 Doubting Thomas – Jesus is resurrected and the disciple Thomas doesn’t believe it. He says he won’t believe until he sees the nail prints in his hands and the side where he was stuck with a spear.  Jesus shows up, but what does Jesus do?  Does He rebuke Thomas for his doubt? No.  Jesus embraces Thomas and shows him his nail pierced hands.  Thomas has a new revelation!  He now knows that Jesus is alive… but He knows something greater.  He calls Jesus “My Lord & my God.”

You need to know the Jesus of the Bible.  You need to look in the book and fall in love with Jesus. You need to understand that what He did for others He will do for you.

It’s not enough to go to church.  You need to Know Jesus!

It’s not enough to quote some scripture. You need to be able to answer Jesus’ question “Who do you say I am?”


Notice that Jesus’ choice of words. “Who do you SAY?” not “who do you THINK?”


The Greek word for say is Lego – to affirm, to command or direct, to point out with words


Whatever you know about Jesus you need to say it.

If you think He is a good man… I dare you to say it.

If you believe He is God come to save… I dare you to say it.

Are you saying it?


SCOTT {Texts}


Anda Baptism

Lights Up

Jesus Christ is a giver of sight. You don’t have to just take Anda’s word on it. Jesus can give you sight today. Your scales can come off your eyes today.


Matthew 16:15 “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

16 Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

17 Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven.


We need a revelation


It’s not about having the right answer. It’s about having a Revelation from the Father.

It’s not about knowing all the Theological viewpoints. It’s about Jesus taking the scales off your eyes.


The Jesus we read about in Scripture can leap from the page and step into your reality.

That’s what He did for Anda Upchurch. She read about a Jesus who could take of your blinders and give sight and that Jesus showed up in her life.

Invite the Jesus of the Bible to show up in your life.


More than a 2nd hand story about Jesus, you can have a 1st hand encounter with Jesus.  Do you want it?

who do you say i am
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