About Redemption

A Jesus Centered Non-Denominational Church in Plano Texas.

Welcome to Redemption Church

Our Mission is to spread the good news of Jesus
and see others become followers of Christ.

It’s all about knowing Jesus and making Him known. Jesus must be at the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision is to be a
1st Century Church that
connects with a 21st Century World.

We believe the 21st Century with all of it’s complexity and challenges needs the profound power and simplicity of the 1st Century church that you read about in the Book of Acts.  Our Vision is to be a 1st Century church that can connect with the 21st Century world. We are a very diverse group of people moving towards Jesus.  The only thing required to join us in our journey is a desire to walk towards Him.

It’s difficult to summarize the culture and essence of a church community, but you can learn more about us by checking out what we believe, our values, and our ministries. If you haven’t participated in one of our weekend services, you can also get a flavor for our teaching by watching one of our sermons.


Redemption Church is a Nondenominational Church in Plano Texas.