Tornadoes in Oklahoma and how to respond in tragedy

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You surely know about the tornado disaster that rocked Moore Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. The state has been rocked by several tornadoes and there is a lot of destruction and loss.

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When these terrible things happen (recently the Boston Marathon bombing and the Explosion in West, Texas) it forces us to make a decision. We can either say “oh… that is sad” and then move about our day un-effected or we can respond.

Christians should always be first responders.

Here are some ways to respond.

#1 PrayJoin us in prayer

We are instructed to pray without ceasing 1 Thess 5:17.  Here is an opportunity to pray in a desperate situation.

Pray for who?

  • Pray for those needing rescue. Pray they are found and saved.
  • Pray for the rescuers.  They often see awful sights. They need strength in the struggle but they also need peace afterwards.
  • Pray for the community, the families.
  • Pray for the Churches in the area.  Now is a great time for the local church to be the local church!  Pray that they will be a help to those in need.

Pray for what?

  • Miraculous deliverance.  God still works miracles!  So ask for one!!
  • Pray that people would call on Jesus and that they hear His voice.  In our distress, when we call out He always hears Psalm 18:6.
  • Peace and Comfort. That God would bring His supernatural peace & light into a fearfully dark situation
  • Strength.  There are people working without rest. Firemen, Policemen, Volunteers, Family members looking for loved ones, Pastors, City Leaders

#2 Give

The early church would pray but they wouldn’t just stop there!  They would give towards the need.  CHECK OUT ACTS 11:27-30

#3 Reach out to those around you

We all “feel” the tragedy. Even though we are miles away from ground zero.  This feeling is often God working on our hearts. Many times it’s us being confronted with our mortality and how we are wasting our lives on the trivial.

  • Be ready to talk about God.  Many people will ask “Where is God in all of this?”  Have an answer for them.
  • Some people need to talk and would be open to prayer.

#4 Live life differently

The people effected directly by this tragedy will never be the same.  Let this tragedy effect your heart, mind, & spirit… refuse to live life the same.  Focus on eternal things. Raise your level of care for others.  Let your heart be touched with the heartache as you seek to intercede.

Dear Oklahoma,  We love you. We are with you.  We rejoice with you over ever life pulled from the rubble and we mourn with you over ever life lost.

– Chris Fluitt, Lead Pastor