Relationship Status Sermon Series February 2018

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The Bible has a lot to say about our relationships and we perhaps do not spend enough time receiving God’s wisdom in this area.

For this reason we are starting a brand new sermon series entitled Relationship Status this February!

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The social media site Facebook started in 2004 and one of the early updates to the platform was the relationship status. A user could say that they were single, or that they were in a relationship with someone and link that person’s account. You could select married, divorced, or the surprising for it’s time, “it’s complicated.”

The phrase “facebook official” meant that you weren’t really in a relationship until your facebook relationship status said you were. The way our culture views relationships is radically different from what Scripture declares, so we are going to take time to talk about it.

Week 1 – Single Status

Singles are often made fun of or called losers because of their status, but you may be surprised that the Bible says “it is good” to be single! Come find out why.

Week 2 – Married Status

We will compare what marriage means for a Christian who follows God and what the world thinks marriage is all about. Marriage is so much more than a status, it is a covenant.

Week 3 – It’s Complicated

Relationships can become complicated. We are going to dive right into the messy side of relationships. Divorce is complicated. Being intimate without covenant is complicated. A blended home is complicated. Come learn what God would like to do in your complications.

Join us Sundays at 3pm in the afternoon at Redemption Church in Plano Tx.

903 W. Parker Rd Plano Tx 75074
(Meeting inside the Ivy International School)

We want you to make plans to be in service with us all throughout February as we seek strengthen our relationships through Christ.

We also challenge you to learn a brand new scripture verse for the series!

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