Reaching Pakistan with the Word of God

We are blessed to be ministry partners in Pakistan!

Reaching Pakistan with the Word of God

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We are blessed to be in contact with Churches in several nations across the globe. One such church is in  Jahanian, Punjab, Pakistan.




Jesus told us that the harvest is ready NOW!  And that is the case in Jahanian!


Through the internet we have been able to mentor their pastor, preach to their congregation via webcam, and send them an offering to purchase Bibles.  In February 2016 we purchased 60 Pakistani Bibles for the growing church.




For the first time ever these people you see were able to hold their own personal Bible in their hands. Thank you Lord!  Many have come to Christ recently and some are still on their way to knowing Him.


Please keep Pastor Jabran and the entire congregation in your prayers.  Let’s believe for a great harvest in Jahanian!


We also want to remind everyone that the reason we can give generously is because of the generous support from the Local Church.  If you want to join us in our mission to take Jesus to the world, we invite you to contact us or even give an online donation.

Author: Scott Fane

I am the Youth Pastor @ Redemption Church of Plano. I have a family full of love with a beautiful wife, three boys, and a boston terrier/black lab mix! I am happy to be working with young people and helping them to find acceptance, friendship, and ultimately salvation. I like to joke around with friends, watch tv shows and movies, and read comic books.