HELP! – A New Sermon Series

HELP! – A New Sermon Series

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There you are, bent over trying to carry that heavy object. It’s hot, beads of sweat form. You probably grumble. You can’t possibly be happy in this moment.. All you can think about is either destroying the heavy antique armoire with a C4 explosive or somehow being doing with this task. But then something happens that changes everything. You are a voice say… “Can I help you with that?” Help is a good thing! There is something so wonderful about someone offering to help. All the feelings of frustration seem to wash away when someone offers help. If help is this wonderful, then maybe we should offer it more. Maybe we should receive it more. Help is one of the great things you have at your disposal. God is a constant source of help. His Church should be a constant source of help as well. Join us at Redemption Church in September for a 4 week “HELP!” series.




Week 1 – God invites you to help

Week 2 – Your Church calls for your help

Week 3 – The World cries for your help

Week 4 – Your call


Redemption Church of Plano Tx 903 W. Parker Rd (Meeting inside the Ivy School) Sunday Afternoon Worship at 3pm

Author: Scott Fane

I am the Youth Pastor @ Redemption Church of Plano. I have a family full of love with a beautiful wife, three boys, and a boston terrier/black lab mix! I am happy to be working with young people and helping them to find acceptance, friendship, and ultimately salvation. I like to joke around with friends, watch tv shows and movies, and read comic books.