Finding Yourself in Scripture

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“They are trying to find themselves.” That is a peculiar statement you have likely heard someone use about someone who was attempting to figure out their life. Life can be tricky. What is my motivation? What is my purpose? What should I do with my limited number of days on this planet?

In this Connect Group series we will hear from people who have “found themselves,” but in a different way. These lessons will be personally written by your fellow Group members as they share where they found themselves in Scripture.

The Bible is filled with many interesting characters and diverse situations. As you read you can’t help yourself in the pages of the Bible. You may find someone who is going through a hardship like yours. You may see someone who experienced a similar miracle to your own.

Have you found yourself in scripture?


Connect Group is a small group of people that gather in houses, have a meal, and talk and listen. We meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  We cover a broad range of topics that all are relevant to today’s world.  You can check on the location of our next connect group on our Facebook event page.

Author: Scott Fane

I am the Youth Pastor @ Redemption Church of Plano. I have a family full of love with a beautiful wife, three boys, and a boston terrier/black lab mix! I am happy to be working with young people and helping them to find acceptance, friendship, and ultimately salvation. I like to joke around with friends, watch tv shows and movies, and read comic books.

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