Biblical Horror Story – A spooky sermon series October 2017

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What do you think of when you hear the word horror?

Do you think of a scary movies? Stories of a masked killer taking out their rage on teens camping on the lake? Perhaps a creepy clown inviting you into the sewer? Some kind of twisted sadistic entity that controls your dreams?


What if I told you that you ought to think of your Bible?


Horror – noun an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust.

You may be surprised to know that horrific stories are in your Bible.

In the Biblical Horror Story series we will be investigating mysterious stories that may fill your heart with fear, shock, and even disgust. You will likely wonder why God put such stories within His Word. Let’s be brave and search it out together.

Join us Sundays at 3pm in the afternoon at Redemption Church in Plano Tx.

903 W. Parker Rd Plano Tx 75074
(Meeting inside the Ivy International School)


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Do you know any of these stories? They are in your Bible…

Week 1 – The man who honored God with a human sacrifice.

Week 2 – The king who was eaten alive.

Week 3 – The city that turned to cannibalism.

Week 4 – A woman chopped into 12 pieces.

Week 5 – Death walks the streets of a city.

Author: Pastor Chris Fluitt

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