“Leadership Lessons From The Life Of Jesus” Our Current Connect Group Series

“Leadership Lessons From The Life Of Jesus” Our Current Connect Group Series

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There is a lot to be said about Jesus.. He is Creator, He is King, He is Savior, He is the Word, He is Truth… on and on He is the perfect example in every area of life.

One such area we might overlook is His leadership.




When studying leadership we are quick to go pick a book from the self-help section, but the greatest leader ever is our Lord Jesus.

Over the next 5 weeks we are going to be looking at 10 leadership lessons from the life of Jesus in Matthew 10. You will want to come and bring your friends.

Connect group is a nondenominational gathering of individuals to read scriptures and connect with God and each other through fellowship and discussion.  Come on out and fellowship with us!


If you would like to attend a Connect Group, click the link here!


Author: Scott Fane

I am the Youth Pastor @ Redemption Church of Plano. I have a family full of love with a beautiful wife, three boys, and a boston terrier/black lab mix! I am happy to be working with young people and helping them to find acceptance, friendship, and ultimately salvation. I like to joke around with friends, watch tv shows and movies, and read comic books.