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Lego Church 4 – Built to Create


this just in… LEGOS ARE COOL! You can basically create anything with a Lego. Just google “built with legos.” It would be a shame to only build something boring… You can basically create anything in your life… it would be a shame to only build something boring.. God is creator. You are created in His…

Lego Church Building

Lego Church 3 – Building…


You are Built to Build! So are you Building? God wants you to Build Big! He is calling you to build something significant, influential, and important. In life we are either PROGRESSING or REGRESSING. We are either building or we are decaying to atrophy. It is so important that we keep building and pressing toward…

Lego Church Foundation

Lego Church 2 – Built on


You are built to build. The foundation you build upon will define the longevity, the strength, and size of what you build. What are you built upon? Whatever you build on needs to be unchanging. So many of the things we build on a re completely changing… Ourselves, or family, our career, success.. all changeable….

Lego Church Sermon Series

Lego Church 1 – Built Together


Lego Church? You probably know what a Lego is. They are a simple yet amazing toy. The Lego is such an improvement over the simple building block.  Legos connect and blocks only stack. When it comes to mankind it is very clear that we are.. Built to Build Created for Connection There is a drive…


B.C. – Before Christ 1 – A christmas prequel – The Incarnation

Everyone has a prequel. The story before the story reveals more about the character. Many times we think we have people figured out, but then we hear their back story and realized that we didn’t know everything. Do you know the Christmas prequel? We celebrate the moment that Christ was born in a manger, but…

don't forget to remember sermon

Don’t Forget to Remember


Our society has days of remembrance commemorating important events, extraordinary sacrifices, admirable achievement.. but we often still forget.. Humans are Forgetful God commands us to remember. It is essential that we don’t forget. If we forget we lose a lot more than just a memory. We lose the lessons learned from history We lose our own…