sex best thing ever

Best Thing Ever 3 – SEX


WOAH! Are you series!?  Are they really going to talk about Sex in Church!? Absolutely.  The Bible has plenty to say about the subject.  We feel safe in saying… Sex is the Best Thing Ever! God created sex as a blessing. Sex is fun. Sex is enjoyable.  God created it that way! In sex there is…

rehoboam wisdom

Leader Slip 3 – Wise Counsel


Everyone is called to be a leader, a positive influence in the world. To answer that call is Leadership. To not answer the call is Leader Slip. Rehoboam should have been a great leader for Israel. He had a impressive family, he had the position of King, he was the leader of a strong &…

leader slip jonah chris fluitt

Leader Slip 1 – Focus


You are called to be a leader.  You are called to be an influencer of people.  You and everyone else is called to be a leader in at least some avenue of life. But often we fall short of that calling.  Instead of showing Leadership we show Leader Slip. Jonah should have been a much…

First Love Heart Scripture

First Love 3 – Heart Problems


Nothing gets our attention like a heart problem. The Heart is the center of who you are.  The heart is the center of your physical, emotional, spiritual, & intellectual. Proverbs 4:23 says that EVERYTHING flows out of the heart. Heart problems are crippling in every way. Because everything flows out of our heart we should…


First Love 1 – The Expectation Trap


Do you remember your first love?  Do you remember how you felt? It’s kind of hard to forget right!?  First Love is intense. It is at times irrational. It is powerful. Over time it appears that this intense first love dwindles. Could it be that we are no longer operating from love, but from expectation? There…