God calls for help

Help 1 – God Calls for Help


Help is a good thing!  In times of stress, frustration, and burden, it is so nice to hear someone offer their help. Everyone needs help at times… except God. God actually does not need your help.  God is self-existent and self-sufficient. He is not going to fall apart if you aren’t around.. He actually does…

hacked malware website

Hacked – Bad Code


“You’ve been hacked” terrible words to hear for anyone living in the 21st century. A hacker found an opening and inserted malicious code. The Bible tells a similar story involving sin. We have been hacked by a malicious code. Here are some things about our broken code. This code hides within us. This code is…

unexpected viewpoints

Unexpected 8 – Unexpected Viewpoints


God gives Unexpected Viewpoints. Elisha’s servant was awoken to the unexpected viewpoint of an army with their weapons trained upon them. It was unexpected.  BUT that is nothing compared to the unexpected viewpoint God gives in the story. God is bigger than whatever army is coming after you.  He will show you that He is…

unexpected disaster

Unexpected 4 – Unexpected Opportunity


Unexpected things happen… and they aren’t always good. What should we do when faced with unexpected disaster? The hopeful news is that no disaster can leave you without an unexpected opportunity. You have an opportunity in every circumstance. Stop focusing on the disaster, and focus on the opportunity   Unexpected 4 – Unexpected Opportunity Sermon…

unexpected message

Unexpected 3 – Unexpected Message


We are constantly surrounded by messages. Some of the messages that have the biggest impact are the ones we don’t expect. They might come from an unexpected source, at an unexpected time, or they could contain information we weren’t expecting to receive. How often are God’s messages to us unexpected? If God preached a sermon, what would He say? Are you willing to receive an…