Aric Smith Follow the Cross

Aric Smith – Follow the Cross


We were so blessed to have Aric Smith come do ministry in our city. He walked the cross through Plano Tx, sharing and praying with people. It was a powerful time. You are about to hear Aric’s testimony of God’s love and how he trusted God to walk into evangelism. Please take a moment to…

David Giant Goliath

Champion 6 – Killer Instinct


We need a ruthless determination to win. In the sports world they refer to this as a “Killer Instinct.” David had a Killer Instinct. He had a focus that would not be denied. As we look into the story of His battle with Goliath we see that David… David defeated distractions David went with what…

promis pedigree david goliath

Champion 1 – Promise Trumps Pedigree


We celebrate champions after the victory. Parades, confetti, trophies, rings, banners all come after the victory. But God does things differently. God celebrates champions BEFORE the victory. Promise Trumps Pedigree Pedigree is the distinction people place on someone because of accomplishment, success, & victory. In the case of a shepherd boy named David, he was…