your future

Future Family 4 – Future You


Everyone wants to know what their future holds.  Two people that you can be sure are in your future are you and Jesus.  Pastor Marshal wraps up the Future Family series by talking about the future version of ourselves.  What will the future you be like?  Will they be more or less like Jesus?  The seeds we sow today…

Praise Worship Plano

According to: Worship & Praise


God from the very beginning has an ACCORDING TO way that He operates. Genesis 1:3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”(NIV) According to the immense power of His word this powerful thing happened to the entire universe. Because His word was powerful the outcome was powerful. The rest of creation…

cifuentes Cuba

Under Authority – Yoel Rodriguez of Cifuentes Cuba

We were so blessed to have the ministry of Yoel Rodriguez with us at Redemption Church. He is the Pastor of Buenas Nuevas Casa de Alabanza, a thriving Christ community in Cifuentes, Cuba. We are glad to join Pastor Rodriguez in his mission to preach Jesus throughout Cuba. Please join us in praying for Cuba!…