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Relationship status 2: Married – A Covenant of Covering


A Covenant of Covering Your marriage needs a covenant of covering. Not enough marriages have this covenant. This might be a contributing factor to the 50% divorce rate in the United States. Our society has a growing negative sentiment towards marriage & family. Some believe that they are better off never getting married or having…

unlimited power

Limitless 1 – Limitless Power


You have limitless power! I know that sometimes we feel powerless, but the truth is that God has placed limitless power within us all. God has placed limitless possibility & potential inside of you. You have limitless possibility to decide to do or become anything. You have limitless potential to grow and learn anything. That…

Faith over Substance! A sermon for 2018

Experience can be rough! Some fishermen once had a rough experience. They came up empty after fishing all night. Then a carpenter with zero fishing experience told them to go back out and do it again! They showed faith in the words of the carpenter, even though their experience told them otherwise. Do you have…

Carols 2 – O Come All Ye Faithful, Joyful, Triumphant


Full sermon notes available here: A Christmas favorite is definitely the carol “O Come All Ye Faithful.” It was originally written in Latin in the 1700’s and in the 1800’s translated into the song we know today. Although we have sung this carol for years, have we thought about the meaning of the first…