Bad Guy Bible

Villain – A Connect Group Series

Villain (noun) – The person or thing responsible for specified trouble, harm, or damage. We all face villains.. someone responsible for trouble, harm, or damage to our life.  What does the Bible have to say about Villains? The Bible actually has a great list a villains and we are going to be talking about them…

margin life enjoy happy

Margin: Room for Life – Sermon Series

Our new sermon series kicks off this Sunday – September 7th, 2014. It will continue through every sunday in September. The Margin series will take a look at our insane busyness and ask if this is what God would have our lives look like.  Get ready for radical change! God is the giver of life….

Super Natural Ability

Super Power Sermon Series – Starts Aug 3rd

What makes a super hero? Extra-Ordinary powers and abilities. Did you know you are a super hero?Discover your Super Natural Ability at our new Super Power Sermon Series.  The Series begins on August 03, 2014 Know someone into Comic books or super hero movies? Make sure they are invited for this fun creative series.

Welcome to our new website

Being a church that connects with the 21st Century can be daunting at times. It might mean you have to get out of your comfort zone and learn html coding, file transfer protocols, and word press…  Which is what we have been working on the past months. Well here we are with our new website….

Ole George

What if your money could talk? What would it say about you? Check out week 1 of the Money Talks Series here –

Tornadoes in Oklahoma and how to respond in tragedy

You surely know about the tornado disaster that rocked Moore Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. The state has been rocked by several tornadoes and there is a lot of destruction and loss. When these terrible things happen (recently the Boston Marathon bombing and the Explosion in West, Texas) it forces us to make a…


Redemption Church has Moved! Beginning in December 2012 Redemption will be meeting at a great new space! We are very

All Hands Meeting

We love all our great volunteers at Redemption Church! This Sunday we want to take an hour after service to feed you and talk to you about our mission and vision as a church. There will be a meal and childcare will be provided. Please let us know if you have any questions.